Battery Modules

Battery Modules

  • Having honed our knowledge of battery development and manufacturing since the formation of Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) in 2010 to the point where we are now sole battery supplier for a number of electric race series, we are the ideal partner for any battery related requirements
  • Our experience with electric hyper car programmes, industrial mining trucks and aerospace projects has allowed us to develop a wealth of cross sector experience and knowledge of designing and building batteries that deliver ultimate performance, high power density, safety and reliability
  • We have a number of pre-designed and proven configurations which, dependent on application, can be used to accelerate any custom pack
  • Module sizes can also be adapted to maximise packing density, mass and thermal efficiency and when combined with our management electronics and built in telematics, allow for a completely bespoke solution
  • The module range also includes a “hybrid” variant for dual cell chemistries which can be used to provide an energy and power portion allowing for optimised packaging where the demand duty cycle permits

Increasing power

Improved performance

Battery Efficiency

Increased range

Faster Charging

Improved saftey

Battery Health


A high performance module design based on cylindrical cells with pack flexibility at the core, optimised for non uniform packages to maximise volumetric packaging efficiencies this module is structural and offers exceptional safety.


The air cooled compact module is a cylindrical cell battery hardware solution, with a maximum voltage of 25V and 72Ah capacity.


A high performance module design based on cylindrical cells with optimised gravimetric and volumetric packaging efficiencies and exceptional safety.


A novel technology that combines two different storage devices into a hybrid architecture with optimised energy and thermal management through advanced control strategies.

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