Feb 14, 2019

Two leading businesses in the related fields of business performance improvement and data analytics are joining forces to deliver enhanced capabilities to their current and future customers.  Rittman Mead and the Business Dynamics group from Williams Advanced Engineering are hosting their clients today at the Williams conference centre in Grove, Oxfordshire, UK to showcase the collaboration and develop new projects.

“We’re delighted to be able to work with Rittman Mead to deliver even greater quality services to our business customers,” said Richard Jones, Head of Business Dynamics at Williams Advanced Engineering.  “Our individual companies’ capabilities have delivered significant benefits to our customers in the past, but together the future looks even brighter for our clients and for our businesses.  In addition, there will be times when the client of one of our two businesses may require a service that can be delivered more effectively by the other company.  This agreement foresees that and will facilitate it.”

The services provided by Rittman Mead and the Business Dynamics team at Williams Advanced Engineering can be used in conjunction to give organisations an end to end process for optimising their business.  Firstly, operational reporting and visualisation can help identify shortcomings in business processes.  The Williams Business Dynamics group’s expertise can then be used to assess, change and optimise business processes.  Finally, the results can be empirically measured by capturing the resulting data.

The Business Dynamics team within Williams Advanced Engineering takes the learnings from four decades of success in Formula One and helps clients to apply those winning philosophies to their own organisations.  The approach from the Business Dynamics group combines an understanding of whole system dynamics with the detailed analytics required to remain competitive in an elite sporting environment.  The team supports clients to ensure the right processes and analytical models are in place as well as bringing an understanding of human performance and developing high performance teams.  Working with customers and partners Business Dynamics delivers performance improvement to operations, innovation, data analytics, and developing a winning culture. Previous projects range from improving the operating model of a U.S. healthcare business to increasing the value derived from research and development (R&D) in a group of technology companies.

“We are very excited to work with Williams Advanced Engineering as it gives us the joint ability not only to identify problems and inefficiencies in business processes but fix them and provide evidence-based proof of the added value,” said Jon Mead, CEO of Rittman Mead.  “Rittman Mead is a data and analytics company that enables organisations to make better decisions and fulfil goals using data in and around them.  We use our skill, experience and know-how to allow organisations first to understand their data and then enable business users, consumers, data providers and IT to work towards a common goal of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions based on our core values of thought leadership, hard work and honesty.  We work across multiple verticals on projects that range from mature, large scale implementations to proofs of concept and can provide skills in development, architecture, delivery, training and support.”

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