Established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Williams F1 to enable the application of race technology, it is no surprise that the company’s core competencies have evolved from years of working in the motorsport and automotive sectors. However, the range of competencies offered by Williams Advanced Engineering apply across a multitude of sectors including defence, retail, mining and sports science.

Whether the team are developing high performance electrical and hybrid systems for electric race series such as Gen 3 Formula E, Extreme E or ETCR or working with automotive manufacturers on electric powertrains, we apply the same technical expertise in high performance electrification across all relevant programmes.

Advanced aerodynamics and thermodynamic engineering experience combined with knowledge of lightweight structures, advanced materials and composites means the business operates at the cutting edge of innovation, pioneering the latest technologies.

In addition to advanced vehicle simulation and testing, we offer total vehicle integration programmes, supported by 2 full time test drivers. Our state-of-the-art workshop facility is capable of supporting the design, development and manufacture of short production runs; supported by our on-site battery manufacturing facility.

Additional services include an operational consulting division, applying racing learnings to commercial organisations and a product design team who blend their design skills with our industry leading engineering team.

Electrification Programmes
Aero & Thermal Dynamics
Vehicle Programmes
Specialist Product Delivery
Industrial and Product design


By harnessing the knowledge of the engineering team and working in close collaboration with government and academic institutions, here at Williams Advanced Engineering, we are committed to taking learnings and innovations and applying them to practical applications, always working with our clients towards delivering a more sustainable future.

Through this process we are actively working to create and develop new products and services which will enable improved efficiency whether it be in energy management and control, lightweight structures, aerodynamics or allowing a motorsport derived technology to deliver significant energy savings for grocery retailers.

Here at Williams Advanced Engineering we are problem solvers who welcome engineering challenges and are committed to pushing innovation through learning.

Advanced Lightweight Structures
Foresight Technology Fund