Refeyn, a University of Oxford Chemistry Department spin out company, received a £1 million equity investment from the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund in March 2019 as part of a £2.55m round.

Refeyn has created a new technology application in protein mass measurement that could transform the discovery and production of new biopharma drugs. The investment will be used to scale up the manufacture and distribution of current products and for new product development.

Refeyn was founded to commercialise a new technology application in molecular mass measurement. The company is developing a new generation of scientific instrumentation, which uses single molecule light scattering for the detection, imaging and accurate mass determination of biomolecules in solution. Its ‘mass photometry’ instrumentation offers the potential to transform the rapidly emerging biopharma sector and greatly improve the development and production of new biologic drugs.

The technology is designed specifically to be easy to use whilst maintaining the same level of accuracy as much more expensive technologies. As a result, protein research projects will be massively accelerated. The associated increase in productivity translates directly into cost savings and should lead to an acceleration in drug development.

WAE will apply its product design and manufacturing expertise to help Refeyn scale rapidly. Williams engineers and designers are already working with Refeyn to bring enhancements to its current range of products and will continue to support the company as it brings its transformative technology to market.

Press Release

More information on Refeyn is available at https://www.refeyn.com/

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