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DCDC Traction

DCDC Traction

Industry leading power density and capability.

A fully bi-directional, non-isolated DCDC converter, capable of handling 3MW of power. Compatible with systems operating up to 2.5kV. IP68 rated.

The latest in SiC and phase interleaving technology enables operation with 99%* efficiency, resulting in minimal loss and maximal system performance. The output and direction of power flow can be changed on the go, enabling regenerative braking and management of dynamic sources and loads.

 Typical Applications

  • Direct solar PV to battery charging
  • Rail and Off Highway electrification
  • Mining equipment
  • HV Battery testing

At a glance

Topology: Non-isolated buck-boost converter

Maximum Input: 2.5kV

Maximum Output: 2.5kV  

Maximum Current Output: 3KA

Typical Power Output: 0.4 -3MW

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