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Rugged and reliable HV power transfer

DCDC Aux is a unidirectional, step-down, DCDC converter developed by WAE for HVDC systems operating at input voltages up to 2.5kV and output voltages up to 2kV. It is capable of up to 750kW of continuous power transfer.

DCDC AUX meets stringent EMC/EMI requirements, is IP68 rated, and utilises sophisticated data monitoring techniques to ensure optimal performance; facilitate preventative maintenance and provide insight for system management. 

Typical Applications

  • Secondary DC Link voltage regulation
    • 400 -2000V DC Link
  • Power supply for HV components: compressors, fans, pumps, hydraulic system
  • HV storage battery charging
  • Battery manufacture and test

At a glance

Topology: Non-isolated buck converter

Maximum Input Voltage: 2.5kV 

Maximum Output Voltage: 2.0kV

Maximum Current Output: 850A

Typical Power Output: 200 – 750kW

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