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Battery Performance Algorithms

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Battery System

Our Battery Performance Algorithms are built on over a decade’s worth of experience in the world of motorsport and other high-performance applications.

With the goal of doing more with less, our Battery Performance Algorithms unlock increased power, usable energy, life and safety from any given battery system; fusing physics-informed models with advanced control methodologies.

The algorithms can be easily tuned based on computational power available, and can be deployed either onto our suite of hardware platforms, or onto third-party hardware.

State of Charge Estimator

Our State of Charge (SoC) Estimator works in tandem with our State of Health Estimator to provide industry-leading accuracy through life.

State of Health Estimator

Our State of Health (SoH) Estimator considers electrode-level degradation to maintain accurate health estimation through life, enabling smart and adaptive operating limits.

Model-Based Power Controller

Our Model-Based Power Controller has been deployed on numerous high-performance vehicles, enabling real-time estimation of available power from a given cell. This unlocks higher peak power as well as less aggressive and more predictable de-rating strategies.

Advanced Fast Charge Controller

Our Fast Charge Controller unlocks significant life extension and fast charge speed compared to traditional stepped fast charge profiles. Using intelligent physics-informed models, the algorithm maximises charge rates without causing accelerated degradation.

Fault Prognosis Algorithm

Our Fault Prognosis algorithm is able to detect cells showing anomalous electrochemical behaviour, and categorise parallel groups of cells by potential risk.

Always on Balancing Controller

Our intelligent Always On Balancing Controller enables balancing of a battery system in-use, enabling uninterrupted 24/7 utilisation and increased system performance.