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The project brief

The brief

Featuring a host of proprietary innovations, this high-tech showcase is based around an innovative carbon fibre chassis with each lithium-ion battery cell wrapped in carbon fibre boxes using patented 223TM technology, creating a lightweight, crash-resistant, and scalable structure. The FW-EVX is the result of Williams Advanced Engineering applying its in-house motorsports knowledge in electrification, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and lightweight materials to the electric car platform of tomorrow.

The work

FW-EVX is 40% lighter than a typical EV chassis. The platform also features Williams Advanced Engineering’s patented RACETRAK TM carbon fibre wishbones- and the whole structure can be built using a highly automated, near zero waste process, further highlighting Williams Advanced Engineering’s expertise in accelerating ground-up innovations into demonstratable, manufacturable products.

The outcome

Composite/ hybrid chassis

Composite wishbones

Innovative cell/ module enclosure

Structural integration of module case

Battery cooling system via sills

Energy absorbing sill

Integration of battery cooling

Wireless module control to BMS link

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